About Patrick

I grew up in the small town of Morrison, Colorado where I learned the value of hardwork and knowing the right people(Mom was the mayor!). In 8th grade I started my first business with my buddy Derek – P ‘n D Landscaping. We had business cards, quote sheets and customers until a major drought wiped out most of our clients. I then worked in restaurants through middle school and high school when soccer, studying and extracurriculars would allow. My persistence and inspiration in the classroom landed me a Chancellor’s scholarship at Unversity of Denver to study international business, French, and finance. During my time at DU I interned with a private jet club company, then followed my older brother Ryan’s advice to try a sales internship with Southwestern Advantage. One summer ‘try’ turned into four committed years of personal development and organizational leadership throughout my undergrad and MBA. As I interviewed for management consulting or sales careers, I received a phone call from a fellow Southwestern alumnus, Michael, who asked if I wanted to build a $100M international online marketing company. I jumped on board and packed up an old Subaru to leave beautiful Colorado for Columbus, Ohio. And that journey in life and business continues…

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