Started my own business!

Started my own business!


I’ve officially started my own business! I have been in entrepreneurial roles before and ran sales organizations where I was responsible for the bottom line, but this is the first time my name is next to the ‘owner’ line.

Over the years I have had the itch to do my own thing but never pulled the trigger. Previously it didn’t feel quite right or look like the best opportunity. This past summer a series of events lead me to finally put a stake in the ground.

My day job is a great gig and this is a business I can ramp up on the side. It will also give me a good chance to really test my abilities to see if I have the chops to run a successful business or fall victim to the E-Myth – the fact that most small business owners truly aren’t entrepreneurs.

At this point, I can’t reveal much besides saying it’s a consumer products business. As patents are finalized and things develop, I plan to share the journey here on my blog. The company ties directly to one of my biggest passions; I also started based on business philosophies I’ve previously blogged about.

The LLC has officially been incorporated. A trademark has been granted. The logo is finished.

I’m excited to see what the future holds with possibilities of a Kickstarter campaign, client feedback and plenty more business and life lessons to blog about here.

I appreciate your readership and help along the way.



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