About Patrick

I grew up in the small town of Morrison, Colorado. I did undergrad and my MBA at University of Denver. Now I live in New England and Zoom-land all day.

To help pay my way through school, I sold door to door 80 hours per week for 4 summers with Southwestern Advantage. Somehow the analytical introvert became a sales guy.
For 7 years I helped build a digital marketing startup, RevLocal, from $0 to 35M in annualized revenue.We had a great run building sales teams nationwide and serving main street businesses.
I joined the team at Cultivate Advisors and loved 3.5 years of small business advising. After having an itch to run my own company and seeing how impactful quality bookkeeping is, I bought an accounting firm, Appletree Business Services.

So here we are! When you combine an MBA with a door to door education and +10 years of helping grow small businesses – you get a blog on business and life lessons.

I live in New England with my amazing wife, Brie, and our three young sons. Iā€™m a true business geek with a fly fishing addiction.

On Business and Life Lessons

On Business and Life Lessons