Why I Bought a Bookkeeping Company

Why I Bought a Bookkeeping Company

You did what now? Yep! Here’s why:

Why buy a bookkeeping firm?

  • The last few years I was doing small business advising and kept seeing bad, out dated bookkeeping. So we’d refer clients over to a good option and it was transformative. Clients suddenly had up to date financials, they started to understand their numbers, and they could make decisions with data.
  • I had an itch to buy a business and kept coming back to bookkeeping.
  • It can be solid margins with recurring revenue and a chance to serve the small business clients I love.

Are you an accountant?

  • No. There’s a great team of 10 employees and solid systems. I’ll focus on growing the company and will hire to replace the owners billable work.
  • I took a decent amount of accounting classes in undergrad and MBA. I minored in finance. I spent time before the closing brushing up on accounting courses and learning bookkeeping.
  • The advising work I was doing before involved reading financial statements, working within Quickbooks, building forecasts, cash flow planning and more.
  • I’ll continue to learn and get accreditations to know how to help our team.

Who do you work with?

  • We only work with small businesses. Bookkeeping, payroll and tax services in one easy plan.
  • Remodelers, marketing agencies, software companies, with 1-30 employees love us.
  • We’re focused on 4 categories: home services and construction, professional services, SaaS, and e commerce.
  • Clients can be located anywhere nationwide.
  • Check us out and let’s chat about how we can help – Apppletree Business Services

What’s the goal with the business?

  • Steady growth, add additional services over the next few years.
  • Deepen our expertise in our 4 categories, then start acquiring other types of small businesses.

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