Favorite Podcasts of 2022

Favorite Podcasts of 2022

Podcasts, twitter, books, newsletters, blogs. That’s where my learning comes from these days – in that order.

So I dug through my notes and found my 5 favorite podcast episodes from 2022. The ones that made me stop in my tracks, write things down, and listen again.

  1. Mehtab Bhogal – How To Fix A Failing E Comm Biz on Think Like An Owner Podcast
  • My takeaway: These companies are dying by death of a thousand cuts
  • What to listen for: How quickly and brilliantly Mehtab can restore a business to profitability
  • 3. Chris Powers on Acquisitions Anonymous – How To Value Commercial Real Estate
  • My takeaway: Industrial real estate trends are the perfect illustration of economic and city planning changes. Also glad I don’t compete with Chris.
  • What to listen for: He takes something so complex and breaks it down very simply. Plus his firm’s flywheel of deal sourcing > property management > scale > data.
  • Bonus non business pod – Lance Armstrong & Nathaniel Rateliff
  • My takeaway: Nathaniel is so humble and persistent…his music career was a slow burn for decades. And I love Denver.
  • What to listen for: Epic stories of how Nathaniel worked for years before becoming huge, how he had a band with Mumford and Songs singer, turning his stories into songs.

PS – here’s my favorite podcasts of 2021 if you’re interested

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