Failure to Blog

Failure to Blog

I’m big on goals. I’m big on big goals. I’m big on big goals staring you in the face. And by the end of February we are all either on our way to big goals for 2014, or going back to the drawing board.

Below is a screen shot of my cell phone. Big goals staring me in the face all day, every day. I’ve hit most of them but failed on completing two blog posts. You’re reading the one and only for this month. I thought about it, and thought about it, and told myself I would do it, and told myself I would do it when I felt inspired. It never happened. Sound familiar…?

Why did I fail so far? Plain and simple. It wasn’t on my calendar. I did the first step right of setting a measurable and time sensitive goal, but I failed where most of us do by not intentionally budgeting time on my calendar to write.

An author I follow says ‘if you want to know someone’s priorities, all you have to look at is their calendar and their checkbook.’ It doesn’t matter if you say your priority is family, health, friends, etc. If your calendar and bank account show the Bachelor, more work and happy hours….the truth is deafening.

Personally, I may be off to a great start this year in different areas of my life. But as February becomes March, I’m reminded of this simple rule – your goals and plans don’t matter unless they’re grounded in your schedule and your checkbook.

Does your calendar intentionally match your desired priorities? Or the work required to hit your goals? Comment below or share how you stay focused. 

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